Editorial Services


In my more than eight years in the publishing industry, I have edited a wide range of nonfiction titles, from guidebooks and instructional texts to cookbooks and self-help titles. I enjoy the work of guiding text to its clearest, most effective form.

On a freelance basis, I offer several levels of editorial guidance:

  • DEVELOPMENT EDITING: I focus solely on the structure of the work and its effectiveness in conveying its message to its audience. I offer two levels of development:
    • Basic Development Review: I will return a memo detailing my evaluation  of the manuscript and my recommendations for improvement. You can expect several pages of notes grounded in a deep understanding of your manuscript. You may choose to implement some, all, or none of my critique at your own discretion.
    • Full Development Edit: I will return a development memo, as above, and extend my work to some changes to the manuscript as directed by you. After receiving your memo, we will arrange one or several conversations about the feedback I’ve offered, and we will determine what steps I can take to improve the structure of your manuscript, down to the paragraph level. For nonfiction, this may mean restructuring parts, chapters, or paragraphs; adding notes suggesting where content should be added, deleted, condensed, or improved; and applying basic, global formatting.
  • LINE EDITING: Is your structure and concept ready? Then it’s time for a good polish. I’ll dig into the finer points of how you’ve delivered your text. My edits, made directly to your manuscript, will address clarity, tone, voice, style, word usage, flow, readability, and other points of craft. In nonfiction, my edits will ensure your continued authority as the subject expert. In fiction, my edits will address the balance of action and exposition to ensure an engrossing reading experience. This is not intended to replace a copyedit in which grammar and punctuation are perfected; facts are checked; and other objective matters of the written word are corrected.
  • COMBINED DEVELOPMENT EDIT AND LINE EDIT: This represents at least two rounds of editing. We’ll work through the development process, you’ll take time to revise, and then I’ll polish your next draft. Expect this to take several weeks for us both, but you will be glad to have the continuity in the end.


Need more than a red pen? Let me help you write or rewrite your project. I bring to the table experience as an editor, reader, and writer, and have experience in both fiction and nonfiction. I’ve crafted memoirs from interviews, penned clear instructions from technical notes, and spun stories from outlines. I’m happy to provide sample text for your review, upon request.


I use the ranges listed in the Editorial Freelancers Association’s common rates when estimating flat rates and hourly fees. Email me at vsandbrook ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com for a project-specific quote. Please include the word “Freelance” in your subject line.