About My Book Reviews

As of early 2016, I began writing select book reviews on this blog and sharing them via my Goodreads account and other relevant platforms.

Most of the reviews are books I’ve decided to read entirely of my own volition and as such fall into certain specific categories often revolving around speculative fiction–this should not be surprising in the least. A variety of other genres will appear at whim. Some of the books are titles I’ve received for free through NetGalley, Edelweiss, Blogging For Books, First Reads, other similar programs, or directly from an author or publisher; I will always specify as much in my reviews, though I never accept titles under the expectation that my reviews will be favorable. I’ll also clarify if there are any other conflicts of interest (e.g., if it’s a friend’s book).

All links to titles in the review will go to Goodreads unless otherwise specified; I receive no compensation for traffic created by these links. I also have no direct relationship with any entities whose ads appear on this blog. Any apparent relationship to my review content is coincidental and driven by WordPress, not me.

As the reading I do is both for fun and to inform my work as a writer and an editor–two skills which cannot be honed in a vaccum–my reviews speak to all three experiences and follow this template:

  • Intro: 50 words (or less!); no spoilers
  • Writing Brain: ?/5 stars; what craft points really shine (or don’t) and what other writers can learn from the read.
  • Editing Brain: ?/5 stars; lessons to be learned for an editor from the book, including things that can be applied across genres, things that made my editor brain shudder, etc.
  • Reader Brain: ?/5 stars; my gut and visceral two-cents
  • Et Cetera: Other things, if it’s worth including them.

My goal will be to keep everything under 500 words. If I really need to expand something because I think it’s worth it, I’ll write a separate post.

I’m happy to consider requests for review. Please send me an email with a description of the book, the way you prefer I read it (hard-copy vs ebook; Nook vs Kindle), any requests for additional review platforms, and your deadline, if you have one. I certainly will not be able to accommodate all request, but I’ll be thrilled that you asked.